Which Bitcoin wallet do you recommend?


Bitwage does not endorse any particular online, desktop, mobile or cold-storage wallets.

Many Bitcoin users use a combination of various wallets for privacy, security and safety reasons.

Please do your own research about the security (from hackers or malware) and safety (from hardware failure or forgotten passwords) of each wallet option.

We do encourage backing up your wallets and/or the use of multi-sig wallets.
A feature comparison of most common wallets (as of January 2015) can be found at http://www.walletlist.org


while any wallet should give you a basic solution to holding crypto, you shouldn’t store too much money in any online wallet.
you should read some reviews about wallets like:

basically everyone review the same top 3 which are ledger nano, trezor, and keepkey.

and just a small reminder, you should always backup your wallet !