What are the Fees?


There are no fees for our base products. Our exchange rates are found at bitwage.com/rates.
Here is a list of fees per product for premium features:

Team Wages:
Funding Payrolls with ACH Debit: 0.50% + .50 USD per payroll
Funding Payrolls with Credit Card: 3.50% + .30 USD per payroll

Local Currency Distribution: 1.00% per deposit except if subscribed to Bitwage Premium
Incoming Wire Fee: 10 USD per payroll except if subscribed to Bitwage Premium

Bitwage Premium
Invoicing - 15.99 USD per month subscription fee
Team Wages - 7.99 USD per month per worker subscription fee

Bitwage Distribution Options
25 Supported Source Currencies for Invoicing Clients