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Comunidade Brasil
Brasil Blog - Fique informado sobre as notícias da Bitwage e nos dê sua opinião nos comentários -
Youtube Brasil - Videos com tutoriais e conteúdo especial -

Suporte Brasil
Suas mensagens chegam a todo nosso time de suporte, e estes canais são exclusivos para brasileiros.
-Canal Slack #Brasil - Entre no Slack da Bitwage e vá em #brasil para suporte real-time. Envie mensagens diretas para Fabiano Dias (@bianodias) para perguntas em português -
-Twitter Brasil -
-Facebook Brasil -
-Telegram Brasil -

Bitwage Communities

Slack - Engage with a lively community, with topics that include blockchain & remote work as well as a feed of the top daily remote job openings -
Blog - Stay up to date with the latest Bitwage news and let us know what you think in the comment sections -
Youtube - Tutorials & content videos-
Instagram - Product & company photos -
Twitter -Informative tweets on blockchain, remote work, entrepreneurship and Bitwage updates. Our most active social media community-
Facebook -
Linkedin -
Reddit -
Telegram -


Fastest Support
Email - How we receive most of our support requests -
Slack - Receive real-time & community support. Post general inquiries into #general or #question and either someone from the community or from Bitwage customer support will answer. Personal inquiries can be direct messaged to Paolo Huelgas (@Paolo) for English or Fabiano Dias (@BianoDias) for Spanish & Portuguese -
Bitwage Chat - In-house built secure messaging. Accessible for anyone that signs up for a Bitwage ME Worker Profile -
Contact Form - Pop-up window that can be accessed at the bottom right from anywhere on the website -

Credibility Checks
Dun & Bradstreet - provides commercial data to businesses on credit history -

Additional Support Channels
Community - Public answers that are detailed and granular for questions posted by the community or often asked through private support mediums -
Voicemail - Leave a voicemail at the number provided on the contact form when you are logged into (not Please note that there are no active support specialists to pick up the call and it will only be a voicemail -

Social Media Support
Twitter Support - Focused on fielding & answering support questions on social media -
Twitter - Our most active social media platform. Often receives support requests -
Facebook - Active social media support channel -
Telegram - Encrypted Mobile Support & Community Chat -

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