Set Your Distribution for an Employer or External Invoicing


Worker View
First you should ensure you are in the correct view. Under your name in the top right it should say 1) Your company’s name (here EntireCorp), if you work for a company onboarded to the Bitwage platform and plan to invoice them directly from Bitwage. 2) Direct Deposit if you are an employee of an External company and will be getting a direct deposit through Bitwage 3) Invoicing if you’re a contractor who bills your employer varying amounts. These are what the views look like.


If you are not seeing the correct view, click your name and Profile & Accounts to change the product. At the bottom left you’ll see the toggle menu to change the product.

Profile & Accounts is also where you can add your bank account…

Bank Accounts

If you plan to receive anything to a bank account, you should add this it in Profile & Accounts before going to distributions. Click LINKED ACCOUNTS and add your bank account to make it available in your distributions tab. Now you are ready to add your bank as a distribution if you wish.

To set your distribution (here are the available distribution options), follow these steps:

1. Go to your Distributions menu at the top of your page

2. Click + ADD DISTRIBUTION you’ll see your options
Here, for example, we’re adding a bank output and we already have a Bitcoin output.

Two-factor authentification will be required to add any distribution.

3. This is what it will look like once you’ve added two distributions

To change the distribution percentages, just click on the percentage on the left of the distribution. When new distributions are added or deleted the default will be an even split.

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