Send UPWORK wages to Bitwage US Bank acct



It is easy to configure Bitwage to process wages and payments earned through the Upwork contract work broker service. This tutorial shows you how to send your earned wages directly from Upwork to Bitwage.

1 - Set up flow-through of Upwork contract wage payments to Bitwage

First you will login to Upwork. Go to your Settings screen, and click the ‘Get Paid’ tab on the left. Then click on ‘Set Up Payments’ (See screenshot 1A below.) You will be taken to ‘PAYMENT METHODS’ screen at Upwork’.

1A - GET PAID [Upwork screen shot]

The second image below - 1B - shows the payment option choice screen from Upwork. Choose the first option, ‘Direct Deposit / ACH’ option to receive your wages and payments from your employer contracted through Upwork.

1B - PAYMENT METHODS [Upwork screen shot]

1C - [Upwork screen shot]

After selecting ‘ACH/Direct Deposit’ on the Upwork screen above, you will be taken to the Upwork ‘ADD Bank Account’ screen immediately below.

To find and enter the correct account into this Upwork screen, you will login to Bitwage, and copy your Bitwage account name and Bitwage bank routing and account numbers from your Bitwage account. (This is the Bitwage bank account [number] to which the contracted employer or contract work broker will send your wages by ACH.) To locate the Bitwage bank account and bank routing number, you must login to your Bitwage account. Go to Bitwage Screen shots in section 2 below to see where to locate your Bitwage bank account and bank routing numbers, and your Bitwage registered account name. YOUR NAME AT UPWORK AND AT BITWAGE MUST MATCH!

2 - Directions to access your Bitwage bank information are shown in screenshots 2A and 2B below.

After login to Bitwage, you will access all set-up steps for contract and freelance invoicing from the left side of screen. [Right side of screen is for wages (W4 on file at employer payroll office) received directly from employee’s Company payroll – denoted there as ‘Team wages’.]

2A - [Bitwage screen shot]

Click on ‘Invoices’; then choose ‘USA Bank Deposit’ (ACH)’

2B - [Bitwage screen shot]

Copy the ‘Account Owner Name**’, in this case ‘CF Matts’; copy the Beneficiary Bank ABA Code (ACH & Direct Deposit) number; and copy the ‘Beneficiary Bank Account Number’

3 - Copy Bitwage account information to Upwork’s Payments: Bank Account screen [Upwork screen shot]

This screen shot shows the information copied from your Bitwage account inserted into the Upwork Payment screen. You will choose ‘INDIVIDUAL CHECKING’ for account type.


Upwork want to verify ACH payment method by checking 2 small amount with it sends to Bitwage. But I don’t see any small deposits. How can I verify payment method?


Send us a message through email or slack chat and we can check for them.


I forwarded your inquiry to our customer support. Please be sure to let me
know if your problem is not resolved.

Thank you.

Charles Lindsay
Bitwage, Inc.


The current interface is all modified and is totally different from what is shown in this tutorial.
I can not find the bank account details to enter in Upwork.

The site navigation is a bit confusing.