Send TRUELANCER wages to your Bitwage US Bank Acct



It is easy to configure Bitwage to process wages and payments earned through the Truelancer contract work broker service. This tutorial shows you how to send your earned wages directly from Truelancer to Bitwage.

Truelancer will transfer your wages to your Bitwage US Bank Account by ACH Direct Deposit.

To start you will login to your Truelancer account. After login you will access your ‘Payments’ screen; pull down the menu links under your name in the upper right corner of the Homepage - see image (1A).

1A - [Truelancer screen shot] - Truelancer Account Homepage

1B - [Truelancer screen shot] - Withdrawal Methods access via Payments Screen

When on the Payments screen, toggle the Withdrawal Methods link. Then access the ‘Bank Transfer’ screen by clicking on the ‘Add’ button found at the far right of the screen.

1C - [Truelancer screen shot] - Input your Bitwage US Bank Transfer information

On the Bank Transfer input screen (see Images 1C and 1D), input the information detailing your Bitwage US Bank Account. You can locate this information by logging into Bitwage account. See the Bitwage screen shots (2A & 2B) at the end of this tutorial for guidance on how to access your Bitwage US Bank account information.

1D - [Truelancer screen shot] - Specify ‘Account type’

(1) For ‘Account Type’, you will select ‘Other’. (2) You may want to toggle the box labeled ‘Make bank transfer my preferred payment method.’

2A - [Bitwage screen shot] - Bitwage Account information access

Login to your Bitwage account and go to your Invoicing page. Toggle the ‘Invoices’ link found at the left of the Invoicing screen.

2B - [Bitwage screen shot] - Your Bitwage US Bank Account information details

Locate your account details found on this Bitwage account screen, and copy these details onto the Truelancer ‘Bank Transfer’ screen (Image 1C above).