Send PROJECT-4-HIRE wages to your Bitwage US Bank Account



It is easy to configure Bitwage to process wages and payments earned through the Project4Hire contract work broker service. This tutorial shows you how to send your earned wages directly from Project4Hire to Bitwage.

1A - Project4Hire ‘My Account’ screen [Project4Hire screenshot]

After login to Project4Hire, you will navigate to your ‘My Account’ page. Here you will first (1) toggle the ‘My Account’ link in upper right corner of screen, and then (2) toggle the ‘My Transaction Manager’ link found under the Personal Information section of this page. Notice steps 1 and 2 in screenshot #1A.

1A - Project4Hire MY ACCOUNT page - [Project4Hire screenshot]

1B - Transaction Manager Dashboard - [Project4Hire screenshot]

After landing on the Transaction Manager Dashboard screen (1B), toggle the ‘Add New Bank’ button. Be sure you are on the ‘Bank Deposit Accounts’ tab when on Transaction Manager Dashboard screen.

1C Account Password Verification screen - [Project4Hire screenshot]

When you ‘Add New Bank’, you will be asked to re-enter your account password.

1D - ‘Add Deposit Account’ screen - [Project4Hire screenshot]

You will add your Bitwage US Bank Account bank routing number, account number, and bank address information on this Project4Hire screen. You can obtain your exact Bitwage US Bank account information by logging into your Bitwage account at

1E & 1F - Locate your Bitwage US Bank Account routing number and account number [Bitwage screenshots]

The next two Bitwage screenshots show you how to obtain your exact Bitwage US Bank account information.

After login to Bitwage, go to your Bitwage INVOICING SCREEN, and toggle ‘Invoices’ at the left of the screen. At screen center, you will see ‘External Employers Invoices’. Toggle 'USA Bank Deposit (ACH), or 'USA Bank Deposit (WIRE).

1E - BITWAGE INVOICING SCREEN - to invoice your external employer [Bitwage screenshot]

1F - BITWAGE USA BANK DEPOSIT Account Details (ACH) - [Bitwage screenshot]

You will now be able to grab the account details for to your USA Bank Deposits (ACH) (or your USA Bank Deposit (WIRE) account details). You can then enter these account numbers and details into the Guru ‘Add Bank Account’ screen to transfer your wage payments to Bitwage.