Send FREELANCER wages to your Bitwage US Bank Acct



It is easy to configure Bitwage to process wages and payments earned through the Freelancer contract work broker service. This tutorial shows you how to send your earned wages directly from Freelancer to Bitwage.

1 - Set up flow-through of Freelancer contract wage payments to Bitwage

Images 1A through 1D will demonstrate access to the ‘Express Withdrawal’ screen at Freelancer. First you will login to Freelancer account. From your Home login page, you will navigate to the ‘Withdrawal Request’ screen at Freelancer. You may also navigate to the Withdrawal Request screen from your ‘Financial Dashboard’ at Freelancer.

1A - After login, toggle ‘Withdraw Money’ via your Account Navigation buttons found on pull-down window under the ‘USD $0.00’ symbol – top right of Home screen - [Freelancer screen shot]


You will then be at the ‘Withdrawal Request’ screen at Freelancer. Here you will toggle the ‘Express Withdrawal’ button. See image 1B.

1B - WITHDRAW REQUEST - [Freelancer screen shot]

1C - Optional Professional Membership to Freelancer -

Freelancer may present you a screen inviting you to purchase a Freelancer Professional membership. You can bypass this screen by toggling the button at the bottom of screen, see image 1C.

1C - [Freelancer screen shot]

1D - Express Withdrawal - Instructions to transfer Freelance wages to Bitwage

You will then be taken to the Express Withdrawal ACH account details page at Freelancer – see image 1D below. Here, on this Freelancer screen, you must enter specific banking information that is found at your Bitwage account. First observe the information in image 1D that is required. Then follow images 1E and 1F to obtain the correct information from your Bitwage account.

1D - [Freelancer screenshot]

To initiate a wage transfer from Freelancer to Bitwage, you will authorize Freelancer to send your wage via ACH bank transfer to your checking account at Bitwage. You will provide your name corresponding to your name at Bitwage, (Your Bitwage account name should match your Freelancer account name.) your Bitwage US Bank Account routing number and your Bitwage US Bank account number.

You can obtain your Bitwage Bank routing numbers and account numbers by login into your Bitwage account. Go first to your Invoices screen at Bitwage (see image 1E). Then toggle the ‘USA Bank Deposit (ACH)’ link. (see image 1F).

1E - INVOICES SCREEN at Bitwage - [Bitwage screenshot]

1F - BITWAGE BANK DEPOSIT ACH SCREEN at Bitwage - [Bitwage screenshot]

Bank account Information found at your Bitwage account (Image 1F) will be entered into your Freelancer Bank information section of the Freelancer ‘Express Withdrawal’ screen (Image 1D).