Send FIVERR wage payments to your Bitwage US Bank Account



It’s easy to configure Bitwage to process wages and payments earned through the FIVERR contract work broker service. FIVERR will transfer your wages to your Bitwage US Bank Account by ACH Direct Deposit. You will set up your transfer through FIVERR and Payoneer. This tutorial will show you the steps involved.

To start, you will login to your FIVERR account. After login you will access your ‘Earnings’ screen. See steps 1-3 in the first screenshot below (1A).

1A [FIVERR screen shot] - Access your ‘Earnings’ page

Access your FIVERR account ‘Earnings’ page from your FIVERR Homepage via the ‘Selling’ menu in upper right corner.

1B - [FIVERR screen shot] Toggle ‘Direct Deposit’ on EARNINGS screen

To begin your ACH Bank Transfer set up, click on the ‘Direct Deposit’ button link. See image 1B. You will be triggering an email communication from FIVERR that securely confirms you are preparing to withdraw funds. Follow images 1B through 1K below to understand the required sequence and protocol to set up ACH deposit to your Bitwage US Bank account.

1C - [FIVERR screen shot] - Notification of email sent

1D - Email message sent from FIVERR

Open your email account and find email sent from FIVERR as in image 1D.

1E - Email from FIVERR, toggle the link ‘click here’.

When you click on the link labeled ‘Click here’, you will be taken to a FIVERR screen title ‘Direct Deposit Withdrawals’. Your FIVERR login will be maintained. Toggle ‘GET STARTED’.

1F - [FIVERR screen shot] - Direct Deposit Withdrawals set up

1G - [FIVERR-Payoneer screenshot] - Security Question

For first time users, you may need to answer a security question you created when you opened your FIVERR account.

After answering the security question you will be taken to a FIVERR-Payoneer screen where you will input your information to begin your ‘Bank Transfer Setup’.

1H - [FIVERR-Payoneer screenshot] - Sample incomplete Bank Transfer screen

1I- [FIVERR-Payoneer screenshot] - Page one of personal details - name, email, birthdate

Begin Bank Transfer setup with Payoneer

1J - [FIVERR-Payoneer screenshot] - Page two of contact details

1K - [FIVERR-Payoneer screenshot] ] - Complete Bank Transfer screen - Enter Bank account type, routing number, and account number

Input your Bitwage US Bank Account information into this Fiverr/Payoneer screen. Your Bitwage US bank account info is found at your Bitwage account. See images 2A & 2B & 2C below to locate your Bitwage bank account information.

You can obtain your Bitwage bank routing information by following a few simple steps. After login to Bitwage, access the pull-down menu ‘EXTERNAL INVOICING’. Choose ‘Invoices’ and you will arrive at the page displayed below.

2A - [Bitwage screen shot] - Locating your Bitwage Bank account information to set up funds earnings transfer

After choosing your desired country and currency, you will be presented with a choice of ACH or Wire transfer (options will vary with country and currency). For example, if choosing an ACH deposit, toggle the appropriate button as shown in image (2B).

2B - [Bitwage screen shot] - Locate your Bank Deposit (ACH or Wire) account information

You will then see the Bitwage USA Bank Deposit (ACH) screen shown below. You will be able to copy the Account owner name, beneficiary bank ABA routing code, and your Bitwage USA Bank account number. Bank account type, bank name and address are also available.

2C - [Bitwage screenshot] - Copy your Bank Deposit (ACH or Wire) account information