Payment not received from you yet


My payment was sent to you on tuesday 1 June, it was received by you on Friday 2 June (at 5.40 PM) , today is monday 5th june my time is 20.06 PM and I have not received yet the bitcoin. Please help and send my bitcoin ASAP!


I forwarded your inquiry to a little while ago. Please be sure to let me know if your inquiry is not resolved.

Charles Lindsay


I’ve got almost the same problem, it was schedule to transfer at 2nd of June but since there was a weekend just after that day It also could be transfer at 5th of June.

My transaction was a test transaction, since I’ll be receiving the real wages soon, it would be nice to have at least the test transaction working in order to trust the platform. =(


I forwarded your message a moment ago to Please let me know if your problem is not resolved.

Charles Lindsay


Thanks Charles!

But there’s no reply nor a transaction yet… =/

I truly want to use this as my payments system but I can’t even test… =(


We apologize for the trouble. I’m hoping you will have your payment
shortly. I’ve forwarded this again to again.

The trouble may be the interference from weekend hours.

Charles Lindsay


Hi Luciano
Please write to informing the sum and the employer.


Even though I’ve sent emails to the support my problem wasn’t solved =(


Same problem here, was expecting to receive a transaction on 08/23/17 3:12 PM, however as of today: 08/28/17, I still haven’t received my BRL in my BR bank account.


Has anyone here received their payments already?
Im having the same problem


Hi, I am also waiting for a payment that was paid on the 5.1 via SEPA transfer in Europe, and I still can’t see anything almost a week later. Has anyone had an update or been contacted about any issues like this?


Just an updated, I have now been using Bitwage for 3 more invoices and has been working perfectly. SEPA sent on Friday, and by Wednesday the transaction shows up in my Bitwage account, which I think is fine, that’s 1 or 2 days for the SEPA transfer, then a day processing at Bitwage. Very happy with service and the support response time is all so fast and good.


I haven’treceived anything on my bank account yrt and it’s been a week. Bank account linked to profile and distributions have been set. What do i need to do to receive this money on my bank? Pls help


Hi, I am a freelancer working with Hubstaff. I work from Bangladesh (not in Bitwage’s list of countries), That is why I can’t set up any distribution method in Bitwage. But I have somehow linked Payoneer, and it shows ‘verified as a distribution method’. But I cannot link Hubstaff to Bitwage to process my payments. Please suggest, what’s the best option for me to receive my payments. Thanks!