How we can send an invoice to our clients to charge them for the services we provide


HOW WE CAN SEND AN INVOICE TO OUR CLIENTS TO CHARGE THEM FOR THE SERVICES WE PROVIDE . We are an online print and printer service company . We need to know how we can charge our clients .


Hi Geek Squad,

We currently have the ability to to create invoices for companies signed up to our platform. You can learn more about it here:

For clients not signed up to bitwage, you would create an invoice off the platform and attach the banking details provided in your account. Onsite capabilities to create invoices for clients off platform are coming soon.

Please note that all client disbursements must be received from businesses.


hello ,

thank you for your valuable reply and once we receive the the payment from
the invoice where would that reflect and also how we can get transfered to
our company current bank account in India. I hope you can help us out
explaining , how does it work as we can get you lot of clients connected
from overseas to do business under your company for any business services
they provide.

Thanks and Regards,
Sushant Mohan


hello ,

My account still shows its has verification pending process.


Our system is purely transactional. Once we receive funds, we deliver them same day, if you are signed up to our premium product, or next business day. Here is an FAQ for the invoicing product: Freelancers and Businesses Invoicing Clients