How To Create A Worker Profile


How To Create A Worker Profile

Go to

Then click on “Get Jobs” in the yellow bar.

Once you have signed the agreement, click “Sign Up” on the top right. Add your phone number, email, name & password. Then verify your email.

Now go back to and click “Login” to login again. This is a very important step, as it allows you to create a worker profile without needing to signup and be accepted to Bitwage invoicing.

If you have done the previous step correctly, when you login, you should see a screen like this:

Add the name you want on your public profile (use the same name you would for linkedin). A URL will be automatically generated for you, but you can edit it if you want. Add a profile picture and hit “Save”.

Now the profile is created, but you still need to fill out the rest of the details. The most important elements to fill out are:

-Skills in Biography, this will allow people to search you by skill (There is a blockchain skill in case this is a specialty for you).

-Desired Wage in Biography, this will allow people to search you by wage.

-Adding your linkedin in Biography, potential clients & employers typically want to see your linkedin profile.

-Bitwage Verified in Payments, this will allow people to search you by Bitwage verification. This shows that we have independently verified through your wages that you have worked for a company. This will make it easier for you to get worker and can help with wage negotiations.

-Add Links or Examples to previous work in Portfolio, potential clients or employers may be interested to see previous work. If you are a developer, can also add your GitHub in the Biography section.

Once you are done, your profile may look something like this.

After this, sit back and wait for our team of in-house recruiters and partners to bring warm introductions of new potential clients or in-house developed projects directly to you. For higher quality clients, we may ask you to take additional assessment tests, which you will be able to attach to your profile!

Note: You may be able to create a worker profile without signing up to “Get Jobs”, however, we will eventually remove public worker profiles that are not signed up to “Get Jobs”. This is the same flow for “Discover Jobs”, except you won’t have a public profile and you must set up your email preferences at