How employers should declare to government?


I have a situation.

I live in Brazil and I work for a company on Europe.
Bitwage has provided me a bank account on Netherlands so this company I work for can transfer to this account in Euros. Later on I receive it in my local currency in Brazil. So far so good.

The problem is, how this company is going to declare it to government assuming they are in theory paying to Bitwage and not directly to my account in Brazil?

It’s important to say I also have a company and I’m getting paid as so.


Hi Pablo,

We can’t give you tax advice. Your employer should ask their accountants. On your end, I presume you can declare the BRL amount received as your income. On their end, they should handle it as they do any B2B payments.

You can try asking in our slack to see how other people handle it:



How I can create an account?


you just need to go to and enter in your email


Thanks. Just created my question there