How do you Set Up External Employers?


After you have initially signed up, go to External Invoicing and select contracts from the dropdown menu.
From here, press add contracts to add your employer. If an external employer where you’re salaried, you’ll select Emplyee after entering in their details and the amount you will direct to Bitwage from each check. They then show up under contracts and you can press Direct Deposits to get their bank details and provide that in your payroll system or to your payroll administrator.

Learn more about splitting your wage between your checking account and Bitcoin here

If your company has a payroll provider with a self-service portal (such as Gusto, TriNet or ADP Total Source), you go into your self-service portal, go to the Direct Deposit tab and enter in the bank account information provided to you under the “Employers” tab.

If your company does not have a payroll provider with a self-service portal, let your payroll administrator know that you would like to add another bank account to be paid into.

You can watch a video demo discussing the process here.