How do I add Employees and Create Payrolls as an Employer?


You (employer logged into invite the contractor or employee by going to the company dropdown menu at the top right of your screen. In this case our company is called EntireCorp and the admin Frank. Under ENTIRECORP, we’ll select Workers.

Entire workers

Then you add your worker (Petre)by entering their email and role:

Petre will then receive an invitation. If he is not a user of bitwage, then he will click on the link and sign up through the link. If he is a user he’ll be automatically added to your roster.

Next Petre must add his receiving distribution in order to be able to be paid. He clicks on his Internal Employer menu, in this case ENTIRECORP, and from this dropdown, Distributions:

In the next screen, he will click on the icon under Distributions. see:

If they want bitcoin, then click on Bitcoin Network. Then Enter a single bitcoin address or upload a bitcoin address list:

at this point. the screen should look like this and Petre is ready to receive any payroll from EntireCorp:

Alternatively, the employee can choose to receive local wages under the “Bank Transfer” tab, or receive funds into their cloud account and spend through the debit card under the “Cloud Service” tab.

Now whenever the employer wants to pay the employee, they can click click on Orders in the company dropdown:

Entire workers

Then in the next screen enter the USD amount you want to pay the employee. If there are no employees there, click on the red button that says ‘not seeing a worker here?’ to see why (maybe they were blocked or they never entered their receiving output yet)

The last step is to choose your method of payment to fund the payroll. Check out this tutorial for how to add your method of payment. You can enter in multiple orders

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