How And Why To Sign Up For Team Wages Premium


Team Wages Premium Allows you to pay for all your employees’ premium service. This will allow them to output to a national currency sans any BItwage fees (usually 1%) while the employer pays $7.99 for the service rather than $15.99 on an individual basis.

Another use of Team Wages premium is for companies who wish to offer their workers cryptocurrency payments while not handling payroll through Bitwage. In this case the company would create a Team Wages account at and invite workers to join Bitwage, but the workers would actually handle their payments just as another other Bitwage user would through External Invoicing (Invoicing External Employers).

The benefits of this arrangement being: 1) the employer offers employee value ($15.99/mo worth) beyond what they would get using the service on their own and 2) the employee gets their bitwage the same day as their regular payroll.

So whether you are a Team Wages payroll solution user or a company offering a flexible payment option as a benefit, here is how you can subscribe to Team Wages Premium:

1. Click your Company menu (EntireCorp here) and then Profile & Accounts.

2. You’ll see a tab for linked accounts, under which you can add your credit card.


4. Go back to your company menu at the top right and click Subscriptions. Go to the premium tab. At the bottom of the screen there’ll ba a green button to subscribe at the moment your subscribe you’ll be charged $7.99 USD per worker on your roster at that moment and then $7.99 for however many workers you have in subsequent months.

Once successful you should see this screen:

My employees want to be paid in Bitcoin. Can I use your service?