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How to use Bitwage as a Freelancer

1. Get approved for Bitwage Payroll Individual

2. Follow these instructions to make sure your client list is up-to-date.

3. Specify your distribution method.

A. First follow this tutorial to find where to change your distributions.

B. Then look at this page for information on the available distribution methods:

4. Invoice your clients with Bitwage Deposit Information.

Follow this tutorial to find how to invoice external employers (clients).

**NOTE if you invoice a large amount, please use the deposit claims feature to ensure a speedy delivery.

If your employer is onboarded to Bitwage (a Bitwage employer) you can invoice them through the Bitwage Invoicing System.

5. Verify payroll deposit on your usual Payroll Date (optional).

On your payroll date, if you know the amount you are expecting Bitwage to receive, use this tool to make sure your payroll has arrived at Bitwage. You can also create a deposit claim if you don't know the exact date it will arrive.

Contact Bitwage support if you don't know the amount you are expecting but you want to verify Bitwage has received it.

6. Expect your Bitwage payroll the same or next banking business day after it would normally arrive in your bank account.

If your client does not change, your subsequent payrolls from this client should work without you needing to monitor deposits, except in the case of large invoice amounts- please forward the invoices to


How we can send an invoice to our clients to charge them for the services we provide
Bitwage Invoicing