FORCE Philippines PESOS Bank Output to ALWAYS go to COINS.PH


If you currently use Philippine Pesos Bank Output, but you would prefer to ALWAYS receive your output directly into COINS.PH and not have it go to your bank account, Please Follow These Instructions.

1. Login to

2. Click on the QR Code symbol to the right of PESO WALLET on the left hand side.

3. Copy the address that appears

4. Go to your DISTRIBUTIONS PAGE on BITWAGE website and click on DIGITAL CURRENCY

5. Paste that Address under Bitcoin (XBT) Address:



I tried the tutorial, but everytime I put my Peso Wallet Code it always come with error “Invalid Bitcoin Address”. Please help.


try a different browser, for example, chrome, safari, or firefox.

Some users have unique configurations (antivirus software, extensions), which don’t allow the address to be linked on their browser.