Can I Send Fund to Bitwage From My Own Account?


I want to invest a part of my wage into Bitcoin. I don’t have a problem with my employer sending money to my bank account. Is there anything which prevents me to route the money via my Bank-account to Bitwage?

I can’t see a reason why i need to ask my employer to split up my wage or to route the whole wage through bitwage if all i want to do is dollar-cost-averaging with a part of my wage?!




We can only accept funds from business entities as per our regulatory requirements.

You can split the wage at the employer level or on our website. In the US, as an employee, we recommend employer level. Often times, employers can split easily since many people split their wages between checking and savings accounts. Systems like Gusto even allow employees to do the split themselves without bothering their employers.

If you are receiving from outside the US or are a contractor instead of an employee, we recommend splitting directly on our website.

-Jonathan & Bitwage Team