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Adding Employees And Creating Payrolls
How To Sign-Up For Bitwage Team Wages
Team Wages Videos
First-Time Bitwage Employers

Adding Employees And Creating Payrolls
How do I add Employees and Create Payrolls as an Employer

Reviewing your Workers Invoices as a Bitwage Employer

How To Sign-Up For Bitwage Team Wages

  1. Please submit the initial signup form here:
  2. You will receive an e-mail notification to verify your email address.
  3. Please click the link in the e-mail notification you just received to verify your email address.
  4. After Logging in again, look under TEAM WAGES in the right side-bar and press “Set Up”. Next, input the information requested in Part One and Two:
  • Part One: Basic Company information
  • Part Two: Company Admin. information, including government identification
  1. Lastly, the "Letter of Reliance"
    This covers anti-money laundering compliance and is awaiting your signature.

Once the above is submitted, your account will then be made subject to approval.
If at anytime you need any assistance with the sign-up process please reach out to Paolo at:

Team Wages Videos
Signing Up And Running Payrolls
Signing up

How To Run Payroll as an Employer

First-Time Bitwage Employers
Using Bitwage Invoicing with a Worker
To use Bitwage for invoicing and paying a contractor follow these steps.

  1. This tutorial assumes you have added your worker to Bitwage and they have added their distribution method.
    Follow this tutorial on Adding Employees if you have not yet done this.
  2. Your worker can now invoice you whenever they complete work. Have them follow this tutorial on Invoicing Bitwage Employers.
  3. You can review and accept their invoices whenever you want. Follow this tutorial on Reviewing your Invoices as a Bitwage Employer.
  4. After accepting an invoice, the payroll will be automatically be created. If you have not set a default payment method, you will need to specify a payment method for the payroll to be completed. If you wish to have bitwage debit from your bank account, follow this tutorial on Paying by
    ACH Debit.

Invoice Bitwage Employer and receive to Linked US Bank Account
To receive to a US bank account and invoice your Bitwage Employer, follow these steps:

  1. Link your US Bank Account to your Worker Profile.
  2. Make sure you have been invited by your Bitwage Employer to be a worker of them. Ask your employer to invite you if you don’t see them under Employers in your Worker Portal.
  3. Set your Distribution for your Bitwage Employer to that linked US bank account.
  4. Invoice your Bitwage Employer.
    -If you want your Employer to pay for the Bitwage 1% USD Output Fee, remember to gross-up your invoice by 1% so the sender pays the fee.
  5. You will get an email when they approve your invoice and you can track your payment in your Worker Payrolls page.

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