Bitwage Hubstaff Tutorial for Employers


Want to use Bitwage with Hubstaff Time Tracking Software as an Employer?

Time tracking software with screenshots,
activity levels, and in-depth reports.

Assuming you have a hubstaff account and a bitwage employer account set up with invited workers. Do the following:

1. Link a credit card (Profile & Accounts in left sidebar)

In the right tab: (Employer Linked Accounts):

click on + New Payment Method and in the modal click on + Link your credit card

2. Set credit card as your default payment method. (Profile & Accounts in left sidebar)

In the left tab (Employer Profile):

click on the drop down Default Payment Method and select credit_card:

3. Pay Workers through Hubstaff User Interface.
Here are the fees and limits for this option. NOTE: Employers using Hubstaff have Credit Card Limits of 500/Week rather than 500/Month: