Bitwage Distribution Options


Bitwage supports unique distribution preferences for each Internal or External Employer.
If a user invoices an External Employer, they can use any of 7 different currency accounts to receive the funds. If a user invoices an Internal Employer, they use the default currency of the Internal Employer.

Once Bitwage receives the funds, the received total can be sent to a single distribution or split between 2 distributions in any integer percentage. For each distribution users can choose one of 3 distribution types: Local Currency, Bitcoin Blockchain, or Bitwage Cloud. Here are the Fees associated with premium features.

Local Currency

  1.  Philippine Outputs (PHP Bank Deposit, Cash Card, Cash Pickup, Mobile Money)
  2. Brazilian Outputs (BRL Bradesco, Caixa, Banco do Brasil Intra-Bank Transfer or TED Deposit)
  3. Indian Outputs (INR Bank Deposit)
  4. Mexican Outputs (MXN Bank Deposit)
  5. Argentine Outputs (ARS Bank Deposit)
  6. Vietnamese Outputs (VND Bank Deposit)
  7. Nigerian Outputs (NGN Bank Deposit)
  8. Ukraine Outputs (UAH Bank Card Deposit)
  9. United Kingdom and Northern Ireland Outputs (GBP Bank Deposit)
  10. United States Outputs (USD Bank Deposit - ACH Credit)
  11. 34 SEPA Zone countries (EURO Bank Deposit - SEPA Credit).
    SEPA Countries. (EU + EEA + others with agreements): Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland.

Digital Currency Bitcoin (XBT)

  1. Link Single Address using Desktop Web Cam or Manual Entry
  2. Link Mobile Wallet by Scanning QR Code on Desktop with Phone
  3. Upload Address List
  4. Import Extended Public Key (XPUB Key)

Third Party Service Providers

  1. Savings Account (26+ currencies supported including Ethereum)
  2. Debit Card (170+ countries supported)

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