Bitwage: Can I use my corporations crypto to pay my workers


Let’s assume that I am a recent ICO that has a storehouse of crypto that I want to use to pay my workers. After a payroll service (like ADP) deducts required withholdings can I use Bitwage as the transfer vehicle to send the appropriate amount of crypto from our corporate holdings to my employees? I might want to do this because of the traceability features that BitWage offers.


Hi Yes, we can do that! Please this:


I’m new to the space (today) and when I click that my browser balks with:
The page does not exist.
The page exists, but you do not have permission to view it.

Both Firefox and Chrome give me this error


Wrong link, sorry!


Hi there,

We have plenty of ICO companies that use us, including Augur, Status, Aragon and others. We are able to receive BTC or ETH and payout in either crypto or fiat :slight_smile:


Do you guys have any kind of materials that you would give to potential clients about the mechanics/ benefits/ cautions of having employees/ contractors paid in crypto? I’m working on one (I’m a CPA) but just want to compare notes.


The blog post above is our best overview. We don’t really address the case of an employer giving crypto to a user who wants to receive crypto (you wouldn’t need Bitwage to do that). Our service is more for funding fiat payrolls via crypto.

Please email if you have any more concerns! That’s probably a better venue.