25 Supported Source Currencies for Invoicing Clients


Bitwage Supports 25 currencies for invoicing clients and employers. The payroll amounts are priced in and received in the chosen currency and are automatically converted into the chosen currency if sent in a different currency. Regular users are assigned 1 currency account, but users subscribed to premium have access to all 25.

  1. USD (ACH Credit, Domestic Wire, SWIFT) (onboarded employers can also pay via ACH Debit)
  2. EUR (SEPA Credit, SEPA Urgent, SWIFT)
  3. GBP (Faster Payments, BACS, CHAPS, SWIFT)
  5. ph PHP (Local Transfer, SWIFT)
  6. CAD (SWIFT)
  7. svg CNY (SWIFT)
  8. SEK (SWIFT)
  9. DKK (SWIFT)
  10. svg NOK (SWIFT)
  11. CHF (SWIFT)
  12. AUD (SWIFT)
  13. HRK (SWIFT)
  14. JPY (SWIFT)
  15. svg SGD (SWIFT)
  16. svg HKD (SWIFT)
  17. ZAR (SWIFT)
  18. svg TRY (SWIFT)
  19. svg AED (SWIFT)
  20. download BGN (SWIFT)
  21. PLN (SWIFT)
  22. CZK (SWIFT)
  23. RON (SWIFT)
  24. svg HUF (SWIFT)
  25. RUB (SWIFT)

Onboarded Employers can also pay via credit card, bitcoin, and ethereum.

After invoicing your client, remember to set your distributions for the client. Here are the fees associated with premium features.

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